Elisabete Marques

Elisabete Marques is a poet and a post-doctoral FCT researcher, working on the relations between literature and cinema at the University of Porto (Margarida Losa Institute of Comparative Literature) and Harvard University. She has co-edited the book Estética e Política entre Artes (Edições 70, 2017), co-organized the seminar Writing and Image (2018) at the University of Lisbon, and curated the cinema programme Cinema and the Other Arts, at Teatro do Campo Alegre, in Porto (2018). She participates regularly in international conferences, has published essays on cinema, literature and intermediality, as well as several poetry books. Elisabete Marques holds a PHD in Comparative Studies from the University of Lisbon, with a dissertation on Maurice Blanchot and Samuel Beckett.

Research Areas

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