Maria de Lurdes Neves Godinho

Maria de Lurdes das Neves Godinho holds a BA in English and German Studies (1983) and MA in German and Comparative Literature (1998), both from the University of Coimbra. From 1986 to 1992 she was a lecturer for Portuguese Studies (Portuguese Language, Culture and Literature) in Bayreuth, Bamberg and Erlangen- Nürnberg (Germany). In 2004 she published a book about the presence of the Portuguese Illuminist Marquês de Pombal in the literary works of the German writers Reinhold Schneider and Alfred Döblin (O Marquês de Pombal em Obras de Reinhold Scneider e Alfred Döblin. Dois Retratos Ficcionais Alemães do Século XX, Minerva/CIEG, Coimbra). Since 1992 she has been a Professor at the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, and since 2007 has been a research member at the Centre of Investigation, Institute of Comparative Literature Margarida Losa, at the University of Porto, where in 2015 she concluded her doctoral project on journalistic and travel texts of the Swiss writer Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

Research Areas

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