Maria Dulce Soares

Maria Dulce de Almeida Pinto Soares holds a PhD in Literary, Cultural and Interartistic Studies, specializing in Literature and Culture – Comparative Studies – from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, with a thesis entitled Between voices andmirrors: a look at contemporary Portuguese Travel Literature (2018), showing a significant overview of the current state ofPortuguese Travel Literature. She completed her master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Culture at the same Faculty with the dissertation Gonçalo Cadilhe and the Other Face of the World: overlapping trips (2009). Teacher and researcher, she is a full member of the Inter/Transculturalities group of the Institute for Comparative Culture Margarida Losa, within the framework of its strategic program, subordinated to the cross-thematic line “Literature and Frontiers of Knowledge: Politics of Inclusion”, its main areas of interest being Comparative Literature, Travel Literature and Interartistic Studies. She is the author of critical studies in these fields, focusing her research on contemporary Portuguese Travel Literature, contemplating a motley mosaic of writers such as Alexandra Lucas Coelho, Gonçalo Cadilhe, Jacinto Lucas Pires, Miguel Sousa Tavares, Pedro Rosa Mendes, Tiago Salazar, among others. She has participated as a speaker in colloquia and in organizing activities within the scope of the group’s strategic project, from an action-research perspective.

Research Areas

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