Pedro Eiras

Pedro Eiras is a Professor of Portuguese Literature at the University of Porto and a Researcher at the Margarida Losa Institute for Comparative Literature, where he coordinates the research line Intermedialities. Since 2005, he has published several books of essays on Portuguese literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, interarts studies, and ethics. His most recent books are Língua Bífida, about António Gonçalves (2021); O Riso de Momo, about Pedro Proença (2018); […], about the masters (2017); Platão no Rolls-Royce, about literature and technic (2015); and Constelações 1 e 2, comparatist essays (2013, 2016). With Esquecer Fausto, he won the Portuguese PEN Club Prize of Essay in 2006. He currently develops research on the representation and the imaginary of the end of the world.

Research Areas

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