Simão Valente

Simão Valente is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto since 2022. Previously, he was an adjunct lecturer at the University of Lisbon (2016-2020) and Lector in Portuguese at the University of Oxford (2012-2016). He holds a PhD in Medieval and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford (2016), with a thesis on Fernando Pessoa’s detective fiction. He also holds two Erasmus Mundus master’s degrees in Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures and Linguistics, from the University of Bologna, and in French and Comparative Literature, from the University of Strasbourg (2012). He graduated in Languages, Literatures and Cultures from the University of Lisbon. He is co-editor of four volumes of the collection Comparative World Literature – Perspectives in Portuguese (Tinta-da-china) and author of several articles and book chapters on Portuguese and comparative literature.

Research Areas

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