Open Lecture with Patrícia Lino

October 24th

Patrícia Lino (UCLA) will be at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto on October 24th to present the conference Infra-readings of Brazilian expanded poetry. Scheduled for 05:00 pm, the session will take place in Meeting Room 1.



From the expanded analysis of several authors, such as Luís Aranha, Oswald de Andrade, Pagu, Julieta Barbara, Augusto de Campos, Ferreira Gullar or Neide de Sá, I propose three central ideas: a) the creation of infra-reading, a new type of intermedial, performative and anti-colonial essay that unfolds in the expansion of the essayist’s own bodily faculties; b) the coincidence between intermediality and anthropophagic practice in the development of Brazilian avant-garde work; c) and, finally, the rehabilitation both of the hybrid status of certain canonical literary works and of works forgotten or ostracized by critics.

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