Open Seminar with Irene Silveira

May 15th


Irene Silveira Almeida teaches French and Francophone Literature and Culture at Goa University, India. She has a PhD in French and Francophone Studies with a thesis on “L’émigration goannaise vers la France- une etude d’intégration sociale et linguistique” (“Goan Immigration to France- A study of social and linguistic integration”). Her research work is mainly in the field of Goan Diaspora and Culture. Other domains of interest include Sociolinguistics, French and Francophone Literature, and Teaching Methodology. An avid history and art enthusiast, she welcomes opportunities to link these areas with her teaching and research.
In the session ‘Goan Diasporic Writing: a plurilingual expression’, she will introduce some significant Goan authors from the diaspora and look at thematic trends characteristic of expatriate/exile writers through rapid readings of extracts and texts from prose and poetry in diverse languages of the Goan literary landscape.

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