Plan D (2nd edition) with Lola San Martín Arbide

June 21st

Next week, June 21st, 2022, at 6:00 pm (Porto), we will be talking to Lola San Martín Arbide (Univ. Sevilla).

This session is part of the 2nd edition of the conversation cycle “Plan D: What to Do after the PhD?”. In this final session of the series we’ll cover research methods, writing practices, publications, grants, navigating the European job market, and much more.


Lola San Martín Arbide is currently an Emergia Distinguished Research Fellow in Music at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain. She has previously held research positions at the NEC (Bucharest), the EHESS (Paris), the University of Oxford and the Universidad del País Vasco (Bilbao). She earned her doctorate from the Universidad de Salamanca and her interests range from the cultural history of music since the nineteenth century to music and literature and the visual arts, sound and space and nostalgia.

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