Seminars for the Salvation of the World – serie III

12-15 December

If the Human History registers so many forms of destruction and oblivion, if the end is an insistent and plural threat, in what way(s), on the contrary, can the world be saved? What words, gestures and actions make it possible to face catastrophe and annihilation? How can the arts invent models of resistance, rescue memories, inaugurate a new universe? And finally: why should the world be saved?

After the first series of the Seminars for the Salvation of the World (during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic), and the second series taking place in 2021, the third series now appears. Held online and transmitted via streaming on YouTube, these seminars will take place in December, and will consist of 3 lectures and a final debate with the public.



Review series I & II

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