Expanded Poetry International Conference

from November 23rd to 25th

The “Expanded Poetry: The Poetics and Politics of Repetition” International Conference will take place between the 23rd and 25th of November. The event will be held entirely online.

The conference seeks to shed light on the concept of repetition in present-day expanded poetics, including its historical antecedents. One of the main goals will be to discuss the material and medial expressiveness of poetic practices, also outlining the cultural, social and political implications of repetition. The conference brings together researchers from 19 countries who will present their papers in 15 thematic sessions throughout the conference days. Keynote speakers include Felipe Cussen (U. Santiago Chile), Jacob Edmond (U. Otago), Rita Raley (U. California, Santa Barbara) and Rui Torres (U. Fernando Pessoa).


The complete programme and the book of abstracts are available on the conference’s webpage.


Admittance is free for those who want to join us. To register, please send an email to expanded.poetry.ilcml@gmail.com and include the word “registration” in the subject line. Full information here.

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