Lígia Bernardino

Lígia Bernardino studied literature at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, where she concluded her PhD in 2014 with a thesis entitled Liminalities of the Human. A Study on Jorge de Sena, Maria Gabriela Llansol e Gonçalo M. Tavares. Since then, and apart from her activity as teacher and translator, she has published articles in national and international journals. At the core of her research is the human both as builder and reader of a world that can no longer be seen as of human domain alone. Therefore, her research fields focus on liminalities, enhancing the human, machine and animal or nature’s interweavings. Literary works are the main object of her study, while not excluding other art forms. Such an approach has a post-human bias, since it questions anthropocentric points of view. It also provides new insights that efface ontological borders. Within this field, in 2020, she co-edited the anthology of theoretical texts entitled Pós-humano. Que Futuro? (The Post-Human. What future?). She also takes part in the publishing and writing of entries included in the digital platform Europe Facing Europe.

Research Areas

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