Maria Antónia Gaspar Teixeira

Maria Antónia Gaspar Teixeira is currently a retired assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where she held a teaching position and obtained her PhD in German Literature. Member of the Comparative Literature Institute Margarida Losa, she is part of the research group Inter/Transculturalities, in which she is a collaborator of the digital encyclopedia Ulyssei@as and co-responsible for the database Passagen – artistas e intelectuais de língua alemã no exílio português. In addition to several papers in specialized publications (e.g. “Ruhe auf der Flucht de Hermann Grab: uma história de exílio” (2018)), mainly in the area of literary reception and criticism of literary translation (e.g. “Zur Münchhausen-Rezeption in Portugal: eine Fallstudie” (2013)), she is co-editor of the work De passagem: artistas de língua alemã no exílio português (2018) and editor of Cartas selectas de Werther. Traduzidas do francez (2018), co-author of Do pobre B.B. em Portugal (1998) and author of A receção portuguesa de Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (desde 1784 até Finais do Primeiro Romantismo) (2009).

Research Areas

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