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January 11, 2024

To See the Tree and the Forest. Reading the Poetry of António Ramos
Principal Investigators:  Bruno Ministro e Ana Paula Coutinho

Drawing on techniques from the digital humanities, To See the Tree and the Forest aims to apply computational methods of text analysis to the complete works of António Ramos Rosa. In order to tackle current and future societal challenges, our team investigates how entities such as plants, animals, and minerals are part of a poetic construct that conceives the world from an ecological perspective and, as such, contributes to imagining a more inclusive planetary coexistence between humans and more-than-humans. This systematic processing of Ramos Rosa’s oeuvre and consequent re-reading will offer us a bird’s-eye view of his poetry with this ecocritical formulation in mind. Our key assumption is that every book published by António Ramos Rosa concentrates on the natural world to some degree. Thus, taking the question of nature into account is crucial for a full assessment of his work.


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