Index — Cygnus

Cygnus is a collection of essays translated into Portuguese and directly linked to the research carried out at the ILCML. It is an editorial project in line with the main goals of our academic work: the promotion of contemporary thinking based on principles of inclusion and interaction. The reference to the constellation in the title of this series stresses that the world will always be the size of the signs we see in it.




Published volumes



Pensar o exílio e a migração hoje
Alexis Nouss (Translation and opening note by Ana Paula Coutinho)



A Geocrítica: Real, Espaço, Ficção
Bertrand Westphal (Translation and opening note by Maria Hermínia Laurel)



Prefácio a Cromwell e outros prefácios
Victor Hugo (Translation and opening note by Pedro Eiras; Preface by Joana Matos Frias)

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