Vasos Comunicantes: Lecture Series 2023

November 27th to December 12th

The lecture series “Vasos Comunicantes” aims to present different research themes in Comparative Literature and/or adjacent fields, from the sharing of reflected testimonies about the whole process of comparative work and its respective contributions to the interlinguistic, intercultural, and interartistic knowledge of the literary phenomenon.

The goal is also to foster dialogue among specialists, senior researchers, post-graduate students, and other interested publics, in order to accompany issues and axial perspectives of the evolution of Comparative Literature itself as a scientific area.

November 27th

Helena Buescu (CEComp / FLUL) – November 27th, 4.30 p.m. – Room DEPER (Tower A, 3º floor)

“Comparative Literature and Comparative World-Literature”


December 4th

César Dominguez (USC / UG) – December 4th, 4.30 p.m. – Room DEPER (Tower A, 3º floor)

“É aínda posíbel dicir algo sobre Erich Auerbach? Repensando Mimesis: dargestellte Wirklichkleit in der abendländischen Literatur


December 12

Mónica Simas (Univ. Venezia) – December 12th, 6.00 p.m. – Room DEPER (Tower A, 3º floor)

“A cultura chinesa nas literaturas de língua portuguesa. A literatura como um percurso em alteridade”

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