Conference On Eduardo Lourenço: Philosophy and Poetry



Eduardo Lourenço, the “poet of thought”, as Lídia Jorge called him, understood Poetry as “a sensitive experience of the un-pronounceability of existence and, therefore, the victory of man over destiny, figure of everything that is object and objective.” (EL, in «O irrealismo poético ou a poesia como mito», in Tempo e poesia, Editorial Inova, Porto, 1974, p. 77).

Integrated in celebrating the centenary of his birth, this Congress proposes to open up for discussion the roots and contributions of Eduardo Lourenço’s thought in the multiple ways of understanding the relationship between Philosophy and Poetry.

The congress is part of the national program “On Eduardo Lourenço. International Centenary Days (1923-2023)”, which runs until May 23, 2024.

Suggested topics
– The relationship between literature, poetry and aesthetic creation;
– Between time and utopia;
– Man’s Poetic Existence
– Philosophy and poetic (re)creation
– The poets in Eduardo Lourenço’s thought
– Lusophony, decolonisation and poetry
– Presence of philosophy in poetry
– Open Section

The Congress is organised in collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto (RG “Roots and Horizons of Philosophy and Culture in Portugal”) and the Institute for Comparative Literature – Margarida Losa.


Organizing Committee
Celeste Natário (IF)
Diana Santos (IF)
Fátima Outeirinho (ILCML)
Jorge Costa Lopes (ILCML)
José Almeida (ILCML /APEF)
José Francisco Meirinhos (IF)

Associação Portuguesa de Estudos Franceses (APEF)
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Fundação de Serralves

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