Conversation with the poet Horácio Costa

July 12th

Next Tuesday, July 12th, at 6:30 pm, at the Casa Comum, a conversation will take place with the poet Horácio Costa. This conversation will be moderated by Maria Luísa Malato, in a session organized by the Institute of Comparative Literature Margarida Losa.



Voyage to Mexico 3


One of the most prestigious contemporary Brazilian poets, Horácio Costa will be among us to talk about his poetry and his most recent book published in Portugal, Voyage to Mexico 3 (Poesia Incompleta, 2022). Winner of the 2013 Jabuti Poetry Prize, and with more than a dozen books of poetry published, Horácio Costa is also a critic, essayist, translator, and university professor. Many of his books were written “on the road”, and the author lived for two decades in several countries such as the USA, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, before returning to Brazil in 2001. Voyage to Mexico 3 follows another of these trips, at a time when the poet is returning from Mexico, where he was a “Senior Visitor” at FFyL-UNAM.

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